Projek : Pembinaan Dan Menyiapkan Sebuah Struktur Kawalan Serta Kerja-Kerja Berkaitan Untuk Menggantikan Tandop Pasang Surut Kuala Tebengau, Wilayah IV Mada


  • Chee How Chan

    Chee How is a seasoned professional in the construction and civil engineering industry with over 11 years of experience. Specializing in sheet piling solutions, Chee How brings a wealth of knowledge on sustainable building practices, innovative engineering techniques, and industry trends. As a dedicated expert at Hai Fu Sheet Piles Sdn Bhd, Chee How is committed to providing practical insights and expert advice to help professionals achieve their project goals with efficiency and precision. Outside of work, Chee How enjoys reading and basketball, reflecting a passion for both professional and personal growth.

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